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It’s Chic at Every Age time again! This month we chose beachwear to discuss. Our 20 something girl, Ashley was actually at the beach when we shot this (probably with a margarita in hand!). Beachwear has become a curious thing with me as I’ve gotten older. Up until last year, I was still wearing a bikini, but have graduated to a tankini this year. I think it is still appropriate to wear a bikini in your 40’s and 50’s, if YOU feel good about it. I have just decided for me(unless it is around my pool), that my bikini years could be over. I didn’t fully commit, but I probably have!

So what do I wear at the beach? I love these linen draw string pants paired with a tank and a woven poncho. The poncho I am wearing in the shot of the three of us is a little different, but basically the same. It’s a great piece for the beach, or to throw over a tank and jeans. It is available and on sale HERE. This is the perfect beach outfit for me. As well as keeping me cool, I am covered up enough not to get too much sun. I am a very pale girl, and my color (if any), comes from a bottle, this one to be exact. It’s the best I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried them all!!! I am hoping that a quick beach trip to California is in my future for the end of August, so that I can wear this in Santa Monica. Fingers crossed!

My favorite girls above with the young bodies and long flowing hair. Sam of Style of Sam (30 something sporting cutoffs and these adorable gold sandals) and Heather of Style by Fluent (40 something, rocking this white scalloped bikini). I love doing this post with them and Ashley of Sidesmile Style (20’s). We love being together with our amazing photographer, Mary Summers (So Then They Say blog).

Have a fantastic weekend and thank you for stopping by!