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It’s that time again…Chic at Every Age! I’m with my favorite Dallas girls, and this month it’s about the denim dress. This may look familiar to you, because I showed it about a month ago here, but we wanted to feature a denim dress, and we all had this one.

If you are new to The-Middle Page, this collaboration is exactly how it sounds… a chic blogger in her 20s, 30s, 40s, and me in my 50’s (not sure I am that chic, but don’t let on to the others!)  styling a piece or look the way we think our age would wear it.

You all know how huge denim is now…and I am jumping up and down about it! The denim dress has made a huge comeback. It has been a “street style” staple since the spring, with chambray styled shirt dresses, boxy cuts with fraying, and patchwork style dresses being seen everywhere. This is an easy trend to carry into fall. It can be worn with any length boot or heel,  can be worn with tights, belted, or with a jacket or sweater thrown over them.

So, this is how we showed up

20 something- Ashley of SideSmile Style

30 something- Sam of Style of Sam

40 something- Heather of Style by Fluent

And me!

What are your thoughts on the denim dress?

Have a Great Weekend!

Photos: Mary Summers

Dress// Alexa Chung for AG (comes in navy corduroy too-less expensive version here), Necklace// Kendra Scott, Bag// Gucci, Shoes// Topshop ( they are $60 and really comfy)