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I have been an inconsistent blogger for the past few weeks, and it’s making me crazy! We have been traveling, and it’s hard to keep up, when trying to visit with family and friends. I try not to stress over it, but my personality somehow takes over, and I end up feeling that way. It’s silly, because it’s just a blog! Anyway, we are in Dallas this week. I had to come back to see my doctor for a check up that I do every four months now. Part of me would love to go every month, just to have her watching me, but the other part is nervous every time I go.  Everything was good, and I am relieved and so thankful!!!

We are headed to Austin on Friday to visit two of my children that are living there. I didn’t spend much time in Austin growing up (three hours from Dallas), so I don’t know it very well. My kids haven’t been there long, but I am hoping they have learned their way around.

It’s probably hot wherever you are, but the last couple of weeks in Nashville and now in Dallas (duh!) have been brutal. I know you all are sick of me saying I am a jean girl, but I am even in the summer. I did find this great denim skirt by MOTHER with the frayed hem that I am obsessed with! It’s the perfect thing to wear when it is scorching outside. I always think a white shirt looks great with a denim skirt, especially in the summer.  I boughtshirt(in the green plaid) today at (luckily it was part of the Anniversary Sale), to wear with the skirt in early fall. I loved the color, and it has a sort of seventies vibe that I think will look great with a “midi” length skirt. I can’t help it, I love denim!!!

I am off to get ready for a very busy day! So many friends to catch up with…life is good! Hope your day is happy!!!


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