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Happy Hump Day! I hope you all are having a great week. We have been on the move! We were in Birmingham this past weekend for a good friend’s daughter’s wedding. It was absolutely gorgeous!!! An all white reception with six (I think) all white sitting areas (sofas, huge club chairs and floor lamps). I am still thinking about how beautiful it was. And the bride looked like a princess! The best kind of wedding! On Sunday, we headed down to PCB (that’s Panama City Beach) to move out of a condo that we have owned. Yes…another move!!!!! What is wrong with us???

We have had a few hours of relaxing by the pool and walking on the beach. This is my first trip down here since my ‘Big C” ordeal, and I have to say, the people in this area just may have it figured out! If you don’t know PCB, it is referred to as the “Redneck Riviera”. Are you getting a picture? There is a HUGE Walmart about a stone’s throw from our building, and a small amusement park even closer, all new since the last time we were down. That’s on the street side, but our view from the eleventh floor, is just the Gulf. That’s all you see…heavenly!

I am sad to be leaving this place, because I am totally relaxed and happy when I am here. As we walked the beach yesterday, it was semi crowded with all kinds of people (colors and sizes). There were women in their 70’s with two piece bathing suits on as tan as Magda from “Something About Mary”. Some of them ‘day drinking”! Men with their guts hanging way over their bathing suits, couples with buckets of chicken or hamburgers, and more tattoos than you can imagine! Are you getting a picture? Total Americana! As we walked, I started thinking, they are all living life the exact way they want to. No pretentiousness at all, just doing and being what they want. Maybe that’s what I have really loved about this part of the beach. I can come here, and not really care what I look like, or what beach bag I carry to the pool, or that I don’t have designer flip-flops on. It’s really a huge breath of fresh air, and I will really miss it!

Anyway, as you know, I take these photos ahead of time. I just got this jacket right before we left Dallas, thinking I would be wearing it to NYC tomorrow for a bloggers conference I was going to attend. The conference was cancelled at the very last minute, so I am stuck with this amazing jacket from . I love how it looks a little destroyed! The shoes are super high wedges, but I promise they are comfortable! I think they look just like , but are for a LOT LESS! And…how gorgeous is this bag???

Hoping you have a fantastic day! Have to go and pack the last of my memories here! Sniff Sniff

Photo cred: Mary Summers

Jacket// and , Tank// Mossimo@, Jeans// , Shoes// VINCE CAMUTO, Bag//ALEXANDER WANG @ ScoopNYC Dallas  Sunglasses// LANVIN