I haven’t posted this week for two reasons. One, I don’t have any photographs, because my sweet photographer has been on a fun trip to Europe, and has just gotten back. Two, we were in Houston for a wedding this past weekend, and came home to one of my best friends visiting. If you visit me, I am dropping everything to focus on the visit!!!! Okay, that is out of the way!
I came across this photographer, and was blown away by her work. Her name is JeeYoung Lee, a South Korean artist. I thought that she must use photoshop at first glance, but her imagery is all her. Some of the shots took months to put together. The photos are dream like and just take you to a different place.
I am just fascinated with her work and wanted to share. If you happen to be going to France, you can see here exhibit there this month…you lucky person! Enjoy!

See more of her work HERE