Good Morning to all! Hoping that all of you had a great holiday weekend, and bid adieu to summer in a big way! I had my third treatment this past Thursday. I’m starting to really dread these treatments, and I have a long way to go. I only have one more of the really potent one, then I switch to one that is supposed to be easier. My weekend was spent fending off nausea. 
A very precious younger friend of mine, sent this t-shirt to me this summer. I knew that this would be the focus of a blog post for me. It meant a lot, because like me, she battled this beast about 11 years ago. She gives me such HOPE!!!
So, EFF cancer for the following reasons:
1. For scaring me and my family and changing our lives forever
2. For taking my breasts, and all of the feeling in my chest
3. For taking my hair…EFF You and any cell that looks like you!!!
4. For making me nauseated every other weekend
5. For keeping me away from church, concerts, or any other crowded place
6. For taking my only vice away…Wine
7. For people pitying me 
8. For all of the bad side effects I have as a result of putting poison in my body
But, because of you cancer, these things have happened:
1. I have become closer to God
2. My husband and I have become so much closer
3. There is so much more love in our family
4. I am never going to “sweat the small stuff”
5. God has placed the most amazing women in my path, from a prayer group, church, old friends (that I haven’t seen in forever), to new friends that have made their way into my life
6. I have witnessed overwhelming kindness in family, friends, and people I have never even met
7. I am certain of the way I will live my life when this is all over
8. I am a Warrior and a Survivor
9. I am so blessed and grateful

Have a really great day!!!!! And yes, it’s a wig!
T-shirt, Jeans: AG Goldschmied, Cross: Ileana Makri, Wood bracelet with cross: Brooke Worthington Jewelry,  , Shoes: (old Tory Burch)
Photos by: Shana Anderson