Editing the closet…why does it have to be so hard? I can help my family and friends, but when it comes to myself…it is disaster!!! Enter FASHIONOMICS to the rescue! Debby Jett Albright is a friend and a huge blessing to me, but more importantly the “Queen” of wardrobes and organization. Debby has been in the modeling world in Dallas for a long time, and has used her extensive background in the fashion world to provide style and wardrobe consults, as well as the dreaded closet organizing. She was so sweet to come over  and give me some advice and tips.
My closet wasn’t too bad, but let’s just say she agrees with Joan Crawford in the “hanger” department! My closet has a hodgepodge of different hangers, and it isn’t pretty! Debby likes the same color huggable velvet hangers that you can get at or (I will be stocking up on more ivory ones). She also says it’s important to have great lighting(if you can) in the closet. I scored high on that one!!!
One thing Debbie does when she pays you a visit, is bring her own rolling rack. I liked the fact that she set it up in my bathroom, away from the closet so that I could really see the possibilities of putting different pieces together. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed trying to coordinate outfits, but hanging them on her rack, away from the clutter, really helped.
I asked her what five things every woman should have in her closet. She was very quick and definite with her answers.
1) A great white blouse
2) Nude lingerie (including a thong or panty that doesn’t show lines. She likes Hanky Panky and Commando. I am in agreement, and love Lululemon’s as well). Also, a well fitted nude bra. She said, “no white unless you are a nurse!!!”.
3) A “date jean”. She suggests a jean fitted to the knee and flared. 
4) A nude shoe. It can be flat, a pump, wedge, or stripy.
5) An evening shoe. This can be a satin or metallic pump, or a beautiful stripy sandal.
I also wanted to know her rule on when to part with clothing. She said to ask yourself these questions…do you like it, do you wear it, and does it fit? The items that are “classics” are worth keeping, even though you may not wear them that often. 
One thing she did say that I am going to pay more attention to, is to remember to factor in tailoring when making a purchase. I am so bad about this! I am always rolling up a sleeve instead of having it tailored. And…if something needs instructions on how to put it on, don’t buy it!!! I know what she’s talking about! Ever tried on a dress or top that you could’t figure out which end was which? 
Let me say, that if you live in Dallas, and need a little help in your closet or with your wardrobe, I highly recommend Debby! She is one of the kindest and most patient people I have ever met, and one of the few people I would let come into my closet! Find out more about Debby and how to contact her HERE.