mlApknAIZlJDenr990U6aiyRHJEIi7fDledu8WaEW_s OJB1sDQ6MoFxZqEm90tf5WM8Mm97ft2idkrFMVdvH0g qPAGEFqDeZBgdxJ8JCJpB7zI0c7lcNE5aQtFLxq4hQA TtvYe9C4FsmGCZd75GxTIKjie8gvHLCt_XrKX-QuWuA XdkoBpdIb78IecLttCrMgX4ngzbteIgaTOJauI_SPQs xIWNzL3dsyxYaEHOM0bgnWaKOEysb-7uEHAlHQykknQ xjfk76bBNKmwnfngL_7sgVlcY5hA1OSN6pCgAvV94sg zTLuQghHaqnjXLq_Te4yuRT4m656CPdP5lO4f1DWn4MRemember this? I wore with the matching skirt . I knew when I bought it, that I would wear the heck out of it with other things. I paired it with this faux leather skirt from, that looks like the real thing! I get so many compliments on this top. I think it’s because it looks like feathers, but is really faux fur. I have worn this top with jeans several times too, and of course, that’s my favorite way to wear it.

I admit, I do love a real fur, but the faux pieces that are made now, look really really good.  Case in point,  this and this …they look good don’t you think? And, the skirt really does look like leather! It may not smell like leather, but unless you touch it, you can’t really tell. And…I much prefer the word “faux” over “fake”. Those “french” pretty much get words right every time!!! Do you have a favorite faux piece? I would love to know!!!

Have a great day, and thank you for reading!

Top// Skirt//Ring// c/0 Shoes// SFA (on sale) Bag// CHANEL


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