My Friday Favorite this week is Blushington, a makeup and beauty lounge. I started frequenting it when my eyelashes and eyebrows fell out this past November. A friend told me that they applied faux lashes, so I marched my self over to them to see what they could do! I would go and get lashes applied and my eyebrows drawn on when I had an event to go to. I had not had the experience of having a complete makeup application done until a few weeks ago, when I also had the privilege of meeting and talking with the owner. 
Stephi Maron was in town from Los Angeles with her head makeup artist, Jessica Scantlin. They were here to check on things and do some training. Stephi opened her first store in Los Angeles, and her second in Newport Beach. How lucky are we, that she chose Dallas as her first store outside of California? I asked her how she came up with the concept, and she said it was because she couldn’t suggest a place in Los Angeles for visiting family and friends to have their makeup done. Hence…Blushington was born! It’s more about the application than trying to sell you something(although they do have product you can purchase). 
Blushington provides professional makeup application at affordable prices in the most darling “peachy” atmosphere. There are six “makeup” looks to choose from, as well as a menu of services. They also offer monthly memberships, classes and parties for birthdays, bachelorettes, and sweet sixteens. 
I was so lucky to have Jessica do my makeup application. She has an A-List clientele in Los Angeles, ranging from Megan Fox to Lauren Conrad and has been the makeup artist for E News, Access Hollywood, and a host of other TV shows. She is the most precious person and I could not quit staring at her. She is drop dead gorgeous!!!!!
While Jessica was performing her magic, I asked her some questions. The first was, what do you think the essentials are for walking out the door? She said, a great concealer and a lip and cheek stain. We talked about how youthful skin is associated with a “glow” and how do we get that glow at a certain age? She recommended Becca shimmering skin perfecter, in “pearl”, mixed with your foundation. Check!!! She also applied Becca shimmering skin perfecting pressed powder in “moonstone” on the bridge and tip of my nose to really accentuate the “glow” effect, and told me that I would never take a picture without it again (and she is right, I haven’t!). Jessica is a big fan of Stila’s eyeshadow called “kitten”. She used it all over my eyelid, and a tiny bit at my bottom lash line. I am really glowing at this point!!! Also, she recommends that we moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!
All of the makeup artists at Blushington are highly trained and skilled. If you live in Dallas and haven’t tried them, make an appointment and go see for yourself. If you don’t live in Dallas or Los Angeles and will be visiting either place, treat yourself and make an appointment. You will love it!!! 

Jessica and Stephi

My glowing skin!!! Thank you Jessica!

Have a great weekend!