If I love something, I’m going to shout it from the rooftops, and this is one of those times! I learned of Linda’s Stuff from a friend in Nashville a while back. I had been using a consignment store in Dallas to sell my nicer clothes, but decided, about two years ago, to give them a try. Can I just tell you that I have made close to $2,500 in that time. It’s so fun to go to the mailbox and get an unexpected check!

 I am just selling my clothes and accessories, but Linda will take just about anything(we are talking nicer things here, not something you would donate)! Why do I love it so much? Besides the cash I have made, it is so easy! I just box my things up, call Linda’s Stuff, and they generate a shipping label that is emailed. Guess what? The shipping is free! And, if you are lucky to speak to Linda herself, you will find out that she is THE nicest person!

The percentages for what you sell and make are on the website, as well as the designers that they will take. They also have a referral program. You refer a friend and you are awarded $25 dollars for each one! How awesome and simple is this?!?!

I have been talking about the “selling to” side of consigning, but you should also take a look at what they are selling. We are talking Chanel, Balenciaga, Tom Ford, etc…. below is a little sample for you to peruse. Spring is almost here and is a great time to clean out your closet. So why not make a little (or a lot) money for your efforts by sending them to Linda’s Stuff!

 Balenciaga leather jacket
 Celine bag
 Giuseppe Zanotti boots
 Hermes bracelet
 Valentino bag
 Chanel coat
 Tom Ford smoking slippers
 Chanel bag
Vintage Chanel earrings
Have a great weekend, and clean out your closet!!!