My Friday Favorite this week, are my photos from the all day beginners DSLR photography workshop I attended last weekend. I’m not saying that they are remotely wonderful, but it was so much fun photographing someone I didn’t know, and just playing with the camera. 
If you live in Dallas, The Spot Studio is where I took the workshop. Peter Poulides is a great teacher! The class was from 9-5, which I thought would probably drag, but he taught in a way that was so interesting that it flew by! I wanted more hours!!! I’m hoping I can schedule some one on one time with him in the future. The only thing that threw me were the graphs on F-stops, appetures, and ISOs…HA! Once I saw numbers, I freaked out and thought I was back in school. Me + Math = Scarey!
Here are some of the photos I took that I really liked. The model was really unattractive, and made it so hard to shoot (just kidding, she is ridiculously beautiful!) This was my first attempt at using my camera, and hopefully I will eventually get the hang of it!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Photos by: ME (couldn’t wait to credit myself!!!!!)