I have been vacillating for about a year now on whether to buy a sneaker wedge, or a fashion sneaker. Big decision, I know! Really, I want to pull the trigger because they look so comfortable and fashionable(especially for running around or traveling), but think I am too old to wear them. I walked into a clothing store in Dallas a couple of days ago, called Cabana (If you do not live in Dallas, but make a trip here, you HAVE to go). The owner of the store, Merry Vose and I had a conversation about this dilemma. She is a forty-something incredibly stylish woman, who has the best eye for fashion! Her store is obvious proof of this. She told me that I wasn’t too old at all. She said that everyone in Paris and New York were wearing them, even women older than me! She is a rockstar, and I would totally wear a bag on my head if she told me to!!!

I spend a lot of time on my computer these days and every store and every designer seems to be selling and making them. Just look at Neimans, Barneys, and Saks…they have tons of them. Anyway, what are your thoughts?  Do you own a pair, and if so, which ones? P.S. Cabana just opened up another store called Canary, and they are carrying the sneaks by Golden Goose…very cool!

Some of the kicks I love:

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