Happy Friday, and welcome to my “Friday Favorite”! This week I want to introduce you to Turkish-T, the Turkish Towels. If you live in Nashville, you already know about this company, but for the others, you need to know! Sue Joyce, owner of the brand, had a love of Turkish textiles and artisan apparel, so she turned her love into a business. I have had the pleasure of knowing Sue for many years, and am so excited that Turkish-T is a thriving business! Her products are found in some of the finest specialty retailers in the U.S and Sue even collaborated with GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow’s e- commerce site.

Her basic towels, are eco-friendly and quick drying. They are lightweight, multifunctional, and longer lasting than a traditional terry towel. What do I mean by multifunctional? Sue uses them as a scarf,  sarong, as table cloths, by the pool, and a throw for furniture. They fit into the smallest of beach bags too!

Turkish-T’s lines include; a great beach tunic for adults as well as children, beach shorts, long and short robes, baby gifts, napkins, and lots of TOWELS!!! The colors are amazing and so many to chose from. The white towels with gray that are hanging in my bathroom (above photo) are the best, with turkish cotton on one side and soft terry on the other. They are part of the “Luxe Sea Cloud” collection. The entire line makes the perfect gift for a housewarming, graduation, baby, and thank you’s! Please check out the website HERE

Have a super fun weekend and thank you for reading!!!
Photos: First four by me (duh…need lessons!) Next three, courtesy of Turkish-T