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So, after I posted my blog on Monday about my hair shedding, it started shedding and shedding and shedding. Thank God my daughter is here staying with us, until all of this sh*t is over with!!! I was just  overwhelmed with all of the hair coming out (and I have a lot of it), that I told her, “today is the day.” Of course we had no electric razor in the house, so she ran out and bought one. We put my hair in a ponytail, and cut that off. Got to see myself with the same bob that I swear I had back in the 80’s.

Out onto the back porch we went to commence the “real deal.” She started just chopping into my hair with scissors first. I have a huge round mirror hanging on my patio, and she asked if I wanted to look. “No, keep going” was the answer. Then the razor started. Yikes!!! I bent over and started watching all of my hair falling to the ground. It was done…thank you chemo! When I looked in the mirror, all I could think, was that I needed to have on a flannel plaid shirt and hiking boots! It is a huge shocker to see yourself with no hair. I have a tiny little head, face and long neck, OMG…I look like an ostrich! I had my second pity party since my diagnosis, that night. I sobbed my eyes out for 30 minutes, and then the party was over. Back in fighter mode!!!

I got up this morning, and put on my halo (half of a wig) and scarf. I’m okay!!! Then I got on Pinterest! SH*T…the images above are what I was drawn to. Why???????? The hair is amazing!!! I know that this is a blip on the radar, but hair is everywhere! I will be much better by the next post, I promise! I mentioned on Monday’s post that you all would be first to know, and you are first to know! SNIFF SNIFF!