I wish we still celebrated  “May Day”.  The premise, was to welcome spring and the new birth that it represents.  Children and adults used to dance around a maypole decorated with bright or pastel ribbons. People would also leave, anonymously, a bouquet of flowers on a doorstep or doorknob. I have only been surprised with flowers once, and to this day, I have no clue who did it! Wouldn’t it be fun to open your door to find a little springtime happy!
Modern Maypole
Flowers in an vintage olive oil can left on a door knob.
Wednesday has been planned as my “product” day, therefore,  I did not want to leave it out. It’s not exactly the same ” May Day ” meaning, but you get the point! This balm, is for very dry lips, elbows, cuticles, etc. I know most of us are experiencing a little drier skin now, so this is a real rescue for those areas.  I love all products by REN. Now, go out and do some POLE DANCING!
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