Good day Middle Pagers! I am a day late posting, so I hope all of you had a great weekend and stayed warm. As I said on Friday, we had an ice storm here in Dallas, and it virtually shut down the city! It is still really cold here, and I love it!!!

I got my port removed on Wednesday last week…YAY! It hurt really bad for two days after…BOO! Actually, it hurt so bad that I had to postpone the beginning of radiation until yesterday. The reason being, that I have to keep my arms over my head during the treatment, and I couldn’t raise my left arm very high. My first round was very uneventful. I just laid there for about five minutes on the table while they nuked me, got up and got dressed. While I was waiting on my car, a man (about my age) started talking to me. He had just finished his treatment, and told me that he has stage four brain cancer. He said he was having the treatments to buy more time. What he said hit me hard! It made me feel lucky and blessed to have just had breast cancer! If you find yourself upset about the little things, go visit a cancer treatment center…that will put things in perspective real fast! Anyway, I go back today and the next and the next…until January 28th. 
Now about the outfit. I am trying to get the last of my shopping done, but hate wearing a huge coat while doing it. Schlepping a heavy coat while trying to shop and carry bags, puts me in the WORST mood! That is why I chose the fur vest, it keeps me warm and my hands free. Thank goodness that slouchy beanies are in. I probably wouldn’t wear it if I didn’t have a bald head, but it works for now. You will be seeing them a lot, especially while it’s cold.

Have a great day and stay cozy warm!

Sweater: Saks Fifth Avenue brand (similar HERE) Cords: Rag and Bone (similar HERE) Vest: Adrienne Landau HERE Boots: Alberto Fermani (similar HERE) Beanie: HERE
Photos: Mary Summers