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Boy, “old man winter” has really shown up in the last few weeks! I’m pretty sure, that unless you live in Southern Florida you are freezing your fanny off like me! I like it being cold in January, but with the cold comes the dry skin, and for me particularly the chapped lips. I have never had severely chapped lips like I have now. I think it’s one of those “chemo gifts that keeps on giving” things. I have tried everything to no avail! If you all have any great remedies, please let me know!

So we have closed on our house and condo here, and house in Nashville. My beautiful home looks like Sanford and Sons now, and think it will only get worse. I have boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and the rest of the packing essentials everywhere. I was hoping to be more organized, but this move is happening fast. And…I’m still trying to have a life. Lunch, sure! Reflexology, why not? Shopping, twist my arm! I think I might be in denial! I am getting stressed about it, but keep putting the packing way down on the list of things going on. I know it will eventually get done, as it always does!

I am pretty layered up in these photos, because it was frickin freezing and windy! I am wearing a long sleeve tee, under a cashmere v-neck, under a leather jacket. I love this jacket so much! The quilting gives the moto style a little more femininity. Do you have a blanket scarf? I was not quite sure how to wear it, but I managed to loop it around and tuck it and…voila it looked okay. The great thing about a blanket scarf is, duh…it can be used as either! I love to take mine on the airplane and wrap my self up in it.

Have a great day and stay toasty!!!


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Jacket// SCOOP, Sweater// old, Jeans// FRAME DENIM, Blanket Scarf// FRENCH CONNECTION, Boots// ZARA, Earrings// ALEX SEPKUS, Sunglasses// LANVIN