Good Monday Morning to all! Hope everyone had a great weekend! As I said in my last post, a good friend from Nashville was coming in for the week. It was so much fun, and I did not want her to leave on Friday! We went to out for lunch, shopped, had reflexology, and became addicted to “Orange is the New Black”. Anyone else watching it? We had “coffee talk” every morning, and it was just the best! She also spent the long day of chemo with me, which made it go by so much faster! Toes and fingers in ice again!!!! My weekend after chemo was a little different. I still had some nausea and was achey, but add sleeping sickness on top (that’s all I did)! Six down, and two to go!

I was getting so excited last week about the weather getting cooler, but guess what happened? It’s hot  again… it’s Dallas! I love the colors in this dress, and am planning on wearing it (fingers crossed I feel good) to a luncheon in a few weeks. Maybe I will be able to throw on a leather jacket by that time. I am wearing my favorite booties, but would wear a wedge or pump with the dress. My toes are always cold, so I usually wear a boot when I can.

The necklace is from one of my dear friends in Birmingham. She used to make jewelry, and I already owned the chain from her. She sent me the disc a few weeks back. I friggin LOVE it. It says, “F**k Cancer in French! I love it with everything, but it looks great with this dress! (After viewing these photos again, I think I am in desperate need of a spray tan or a beach trip!).

Dress (old, M Missoni) similar picks, HERE, HERE, and HERE,  Diana Warner F**k Cancer disc, HERE, and Alexander Wang booties (old) similar HERE, Dior bag(old)