Well, after my admission on Monday, things have gone from being surreal to a reality. I have to admit to not being able to sleep as well as I usually do. I have gotten fairly close with my ” new” good friend Xanax in the last week. My aunt, who has just gone through a mastectomy, told me to take whatever is  needed to sleep or get through any tests that I feel nervous or upset about. She’s older and wiser, so I am taking her advice! That being said, my skin is looking a little tired. What do you do when you feel and look tired? You pull out the big guns! This product by Clarins is just what the doctor ordered!

I have used Beauty Flash Balm for YEARS! It is my go to for when I need the immediate pick-me-up for my face. It’s a balm that instantly moisturizes, brightens and tightens the skin, so you look like you’ve had a good night’s sleep. It really does eliminate signs of fatigue. I had my 30th college reunion this past fall, and you better believe I used it before every event!!! I should probably buy stock in this product!!!

Actually, all of the products by Clarins are really great and are well priced. I love their sunscreens for the body too! I had a 25 year old email me for skin advice yesterday, and this line is perfect for young women. They have products that are specifically targeted for “early”wrinkles. If you are younger and read this blog, I am a HUGE believer in starting early with good skincare, and especially the daily use of a sun care product.