Lunch Lady

Now that spring has sprung, and luncheons are underway, the question is, what to wear. Personally, I am not one of those “ladies who lunch”, so for me, it’s always a dilemma. I am attending one next week, so of course I am fretting over what to wear. I saw this photo, and thought this is the perfect outfit to wear to such an occasion. I know Olivia Palermo is young, but what she is wearing is so appropriate for any age. The black and white is so fresh for spring, and I love the pop of red on the shoes.

 This would be another great option. On trend with the floral print , and a great skirt length.

            Loving the green bag, as well!

What are your thoughts about this as an option? I’M KIDDING!!! I only wish I had those young gorgeous legs! I have the weekend to think about it, and I’m sure you will be getting a glimpse of what I decide. Do you have a ” go to” for luncheons? I would love to know. Have a great weekend!