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The owner, Zoe, is huge fan of denim on denim this season. It’s been hard for me to bite the bullet and wear it, because I always think of  the time I was in an elevator with Stephen Tyler (Aerosmith) in Atlanta (in the 90’s), and he was full out  denim on denim. All I could think was “nice Texas tuxedo dude”! Anyway, Zoe talked me into trying it together and I love it! The shirt has a wrinkled effect, so it’s great for travel, or when you don’t have time to iron! We chose the pair of ripped denim (which I have been a little “iffy” about too) to pair with it, and I ended up really liking them.

The bracelet  I am wearing is by a line called, Coordinates. They make rings and necklaces as well. I am obsessed!!! If you have a special occasion, or are a new mom, or want to commemorate a special date, you pick out the coordinates of where it happened, and the company engraves it on the piece. How clever!!!

You can check out the lines that carries, and call them if there is something you are interested in, if you are not in Dallas. The staff at are the sweetest girls, and are so happy to help you.

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