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Hi Everyone! Today I am wearing this beautiful purple and black knit jacket by MING WANG. Ming Wang has been designing knitwear exclusively for over thirty years. She uses specialized yarns, that are wrinkle and fade resistant, machine washable, and travel friendly. Her separates are so classic, and are designed to layer and build together, season after season. She adds new styles every season, but keeps core pieces that are constant with every collection (how great is that?). My favorites right now, are this , this , this (my absolute fav!), and this amazing . Check out her great tanks and pants too! And…all of the pieces are sized petites’ XS to women’s 3X, so everyone can wear them!

I am so happy to be collaborating with them, because not only is their knitwear beautiful and well made, but Ming Wang is passionate about supporting The American Cancer Society Hope Lodge. Hope Lodge is a free place to stay for patients that are receiving treatment away from home. They have thirty-one locations to nurture and support those going through cancer treatment. Knowing firsthand,  what it is like to go through treatment, I can’t imagine not being able to go home and get in my own bed. Thankfully, Hope Lodge gives patients the next best thing, a comfortable and supportive place to stay to focus on wellness.

Ming Wang will be donating a gorgeous wrap scarf to the Hope Lodge program (for a bit of comfort) for every scarf wrap purchased or for every jacket/outfit bought from the Fall 2015 Road to Marrakech color group, through the end of October. I am so proud to be working with them on this project! Ming Wang, thank you for your kind heart towards cancer patients!!! You can find the Ming Wang Collection at , Von Maur, , or selected boutiques.

Photos: Kelsey Cherry

Jacket  c/o // // Tee (old), // Shoes (on major sale)// Necklace// Sunglasses