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Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, celebrating the way you wanted to. Do you all have to have black eyed peas, for fear that it will be a disaster of a year if you don’t? I do, even though I don’t really like them, but I am so afraid not too!!! We flew to Nashville, and spent the holiday with great friends! We had three nights with them, and my mouth is still really sore from gabbing and laughing! That is one of my resolutions, to laugh a lot more!

Did you make any resolutions for this new year? I have to be honest, besides laughing more, I did not make any. I had a list last year, and I don’t think I did one of them. I was going to learn photography and spanish, didn’t do that. I was going to volunteer at UTSW with breast cancer patients, but they wouldn’t let me until I was one year out of treatment (American Cancer Society rule). I am starting my volunteer “school” this week.

I can’t really commit to anything the first part of the year because of the two moves we are making. Moving is one of my least favorite things to do! If you have any tips or tricks you have used to making it an easier transition, besides hiring someone to do the whole thing for you, please send them to me. I kind of like to pack my own things, but am not very organized in doing it. One thing for sure, it will get done as it always does!

My outfit is one that I wore this weekend. I brought out this great top I got last year from Club Monaco. I love it with my ripped jeans, and this really fun coat I got from a great boutique here in Dallas called Shop September. I LOVE a cheetah print on anything, and this coat had my name on it. It adds some sass to any outfit!

Have a great Monday and back to reality!!!


Coat// LOVE TOKEN, Top (old, Club Monaco), Jeans// FRAME DENIM (on sale here),  Shoes// FERRAGAMO, Earrings// BAUBLE BAR, Sunglasses//LANVIN