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I hope everyone had a great weekend! We were very busy preparing our home to host an engagement party, for a fantastic couple, on Saturday night! You know it’s a great party, when everyone stays three hours after it was supposed to end (love that!). We flew to Dallas on Sunday night, for the week. I am having my, every four months, oncology appointment tomorrow. Feel it in my bones, that all will be well! We are also here, to love on some precious grand children!!!

I am so sad that I am going to miss a trunk show in Nashville today and tomorrow at GUS MAYER, but I wanted to fill you in on this awesome brand called PRISMSPORT. I have become obsessed with the line after being introduced to it. Now, if you know me well, you know I am not the most avid exerciser, but I like to look like I am(the big fakeout!)! PRISMSPORT  is a “workout/walkout” line, made in the USA. It’s a line of  fashion meets function. The line boasts amazing prints on silky printed fabrics (solids too!), seamless fronts, wide waistbands that smooth and won’t roll down, and flattering straps that frame the back. The coverups have long hems, for more coverage over leggings. And…key and credit card pockets are built into the waistbands. The best part, is that it is so reasonably priced!

I was challenged to take a few of the pieces, and style them for the street. The first look was styled around this Track Pant. I had this Zipped Cardigan from Anthropologie that I thought would look great with them, and I would totally run around and do errands in this. I adore the Peplum Jacket that I paired with a white tee and jeans. The jacket looks like neoprene, but is made of a poly spandex. I would wear this to lunch with girlfriends or a sporting event. The last look was paired around the Classic Legging. How fun is this snake print? I am also wearing  the Mesh Long Sleeve Top, under a longer gray vest. Again, this would work really well for running errands or shopping.

The trunk show at GUS MAYER will be today and tomorrow from 10-5. If you live in Nashville, go check it out!!!

Have a great Tuesday, and thank you for reading!

Photos: Kelsey Cherry