The Susan G. Komen’s  Race for the Cure was like nothing I’d ever seen before! Dallas, Texas knows how to do it in a big way, with about 20,000 people in attendance. My good friend, Laura, put a team together for me, called Kitty’s Krew( Kitty is my nickname, but I’m more of a lion ). My youngest son, came up with the name and logo. I found out the day before, that my blood counts were not very good, I was almost neutropenic again. I was told I could attend, but with a mask on. I did keep it on, except for the pictures, and basically held my breath! We decided that I shouldn’t be in the crowd, so I did not walk. 
I was so touched by my friends and family that came out in my support! It was way early on a Saturday morning, but they showed up anyway! I was truly overwhelmed to see the support of all the thousands of people who were there for this cause. It seems almost everyone has been touched in some way by a person who has had breast cancer.
My great friends from High School, Michelle and Shannon
My husband and daughter
A great outfit!
With my youngest son
More fun outfits!
With my husband
Even the clouds were pink as the sun came up
She was loud and proud!
With Danielle, and Laura (who put the team together)
Someone signed up for the wrong thing!!!
Charlie and Myriah
With Sue B
Laurie and Sue B

With “Oh So Cynthia”. You can read more about the event on her blog HERE
This is so special to me. This is my 75 year old aunt, that came in from out of town. She is a survivor too! I love her!!!

With my aunt, cousin and her girls, that also came in from out of town

Kitty’s Krew
How cute are they?
I promise, I did mask up
A tribute to (man of the left) a wife that passed away
With my daughter

And with my friend Sheryl that finally caught up with us!!!
Have a wonderful Monday everyone!!!