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Unless you live under a big fat rock, you know that this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And, I’m pretty sure you knew that I would say something about it! I am so appreciative to every Breast Cancer Awareness foundation raising awareness and funds to help support a cure.

I am most interested in Triple Negative Breast Cancer research. As most of you know, this is the kind of cancer I had. I have learned so much in the past year about this nasty disease. What is most scary to me, is that this disease is affecting more and more young women. I’m talking in their 20’s and 30’s . Women who are pregnant are developing TNBC. Why????? As of yet, there are no answers to what is causing it. Thankfully, there is a lot of new research and focus being done on this type of cancer. It is one of the most aggressive forms of  breast cancer, and when you are in your 30’s, you are definitely not  thinking about getting it!  That is why I am so passionate about raising awareness and funds for research.

I started the rain wear line SHE REIGNS above a few years ago. I put it way on the back burner when I was diagnosed in 2013. I am relaunching the brand this month in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness month. I am giving 25% off each coat with the Code- TNBC1014, and 25% of all sales will be donated to the TRIPLE NEGATIVE BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION. 

Please help me help TNBC Foundation in finding a reason and a cure for this very aggressive breast cancer.252edee359e2baac488c72112ec13dca-1

Have a great day!!!