I hate to bring it up…but I have to talk about bathing suits. Boo!!! We are taking a much needed vacay to the islands in a few weeks, and I will need to wear one. I hate trying them on, but I swear, the mirrors and lighting make it ten times worse (what is the deal with those mirrors anyway?). I prefer to order on line and try them in my own bathroom with my own mirror. When you are “middle age” it sucks to do this I know, but I think drinking a few glasses of wine helps! I am always in a quandary as to what kind I should be wearing at my age…a one piece, or can I still pull off a two piecer?  My favorite sites for ordering are Shopbop and J.Crew (J.Crew also has special sizes for the “gifted” boob girl and also long torso girl), because they have the best selection for the fashion-conscious middle aged woman.

Here are my top picks for this summer.

A little sophisticated floral with peplum
Thinking of this as the LBD of suits 
This is so retro chic! I love the sweetheart neck mixed with neoprene peplum. Great if you want to preserve the skin on your chest.
 Simple design by Tory Burch in a great color.
This is chic and the ruching hides a multitude of sins!
Nautical little number

Kind of liking the new “rash guard” thing going on in swimwear. Totally neck and chest preserving.

Cute tankini with matching swim skirt below

Love this swim skirt 

These Sea horse boy shorts are so cute! I like the fact that a good part of the tush is covered.

Okay, this is sexy! Would only rock this in a very private setting. 
Loving this cover up
This one too!

This one fits all my needs!
What are your thoughts on bathing suits? At what age does it become inappropriate to wear a two piece?