Here I am, two weeks post surgery, still recovering. You will be glad to know that the last of the grenades (drains) were removed on Friday. Unless you have had them, it is one weird feeling having those things pulled out. I could see them through the skin in my chest, and to feel them come out was disgusting. I’m still unable to raise my arms, and can’t even do simple things. How crazy is it, that I just want to do laundry and clean my house!? The other not so great thing is, because of the incisions from the removal of the lymph nodes, I can’t wear deodorant or shave under my arms yet. I do live in Dallas, Texas, and it’s 100 plus fricking degrees here!!! Want to know the kicker to that? I wasn’t allowed to shower until all of the drains came out. LOVELY! I have never felt so French!  The good news, is that my boobs look really good! Forgot to say last post that during my surgery, my surgeon was able to save my nipples! Basically, I already look like I did, but with some huge scars. Feeling a little like Miss Sally below.
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I had my first meeting with the oncologist on Friday. This is what I know…my tumor and the tumor in my lymph node were very small (good). The bad part, is that I am triple negative (not so good). What that means, is that it is a faster growing cancer, and that after chemo, there is nothing I can take to reduce cells from coming back. My doctor says that we will start chemo at the end of July (unless they decide to go back in for more lymph nodes). The treatment is going to be VERY aggressive. I have eight chemo treatments every two weeks. I am NOT looking forward to it! Just hearing about the side effects is scary enough. I am in AWE of every single person that has ever had to go through it. 
I mentioned wanting to try to save my hair, and looked into something called a polar cap. I have gotten information from my doctors and  because of the kind of cancer I have, I have decided not to do it. So…I bought the wig on Saturday. I know I will be losing my hair about the second week of August, and I know it will grow back, but it just sucks!!! This is what I keep imagining I am going to look like. 
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If you have walked in my shoes, or know someone who has, I would love any helpful tips or tricks for surviving chemotherapy. I AM going to fight this bitch, and hopefully not every post from here on out will be about this. I really want to talk and focus on fun and fluffy stuff! Please do me a favor, and don’t put off a mammogram! They can save lives, and they are not that bad!!! Have a great Monday! XX