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Hello, you. I go by Alex, but most people (aka my family, friends and people on the street) call me Boo.  I’m this tiny, beautiful, forcefield who you read about every week’s daughter. And I’m here to answer all of your deepest, darkest questions about my mom, Cathy. Let me guess what you want to know. Is she really that sweet? Does she seriously have such a positive outlook on cancer? Is this whole thing <<gasp!>> a big show?! Now that I have you all filled with eager curiosity, I’m going to go ahead and BURST that bubble for you. She IS this happy all the time. She DOES see the world through rose-colored glasses. She finds the good in and cares deeply for everyone she meets. With Cathy, what you see is what you get. I was raised by Pollyanna with the looks of Ann Margaret.

And when my sunbeam of a mother approached me with the idea of collaborating with her on her blog, I panicked. I declined for months. You see, not all things are created equally. And while I may share similar characteristics and mannerisms as her, I have an incredible amount of edge — enough to make Pollyanna blush and touch her pearls. But despite my resistance, my mother (ever the optimist) persisted. We were entertaining the idea of being a mother-daughter blog one day, and I said (mid sigh, I’m sure) “I guess I could be the middle child on The-Middle Page.” Her puppy dog eyes filled with excitement. In moments like that, I find it impossible to say no to her.

So here I sit, cursing at the keyboard with my head on her shoulder as she teaches me to blog. On the outside I’m annoyed, frustrated with this first attempt. But as I think about the bonding experience this will be with my incredible mother, my insides are rose-colored. If that isn’t the essence of a mother-daughter relationship, then I don’t know what is.

I can’t say that I will knock this thing out of the park, and I can’t promise to be appropriate every post–chances are likely I may offend you (blanket apology, everyone) But I’m here, dammit, and I’m going to give it my best go.

As of now (although my personality lends itself to unpredictability), I will be taking over her blog every Thursday. I giggle at the idea of outfit posts, because the way I dress is quite quirky. Exhibit A– this post. My sister-in-law just gave birth to our beautiful grand baby/niece. I’m going to just skirt right over that huge announcement because this post is about the original only girl, moi. (Until next time, Evelyn Marie– 6 lbs 3 oz, 18.5″ of baby perfection) Before our bundle of brilliant cuteness entered the world, there was a baby shower in her honor. At a country club. After Labor Day. I’m far from a lady who lunches, and my wardrobe lacks in conservative options. Here’s what I last-minute threw together from old odds and ends in my closet. The beautiful necklace is an exception, it was a thoughtful birthday gift made by the insanely talented OpalMilk.

Hopefully my future posts won’t be this long winded, but I’m not one to make promises I don’t intend to keep. That said, I’m happy to be doing this and I’m here as long as you’ll have me… or until my mom gives me the (ever stylish) boot due to decline in readership.

Love, peace and chicken grease,

Alex (Boo)

Top//GAP, Skirt//Catherine Malandrino (old) similar HERE, Belt// (your guess is as good as mine) similar HERE, Necklace// OPALMILK, Brass Cuff//(vintage) similar HERE, Bag// DIOR, Shoes//FRENCH CONNECTION

Photos: Mary Summers