I made it through almost eight hours of surgery a week ago today…Whew! I felt so sorry for my family and friends that were sitting through those hours. Tissue was removed in both breasts, and five lymph nodes from the cancer side were removed. Expanders and saline implants were placed in the breast cavity. I got home on Wednesday, and have been moving very slowly, but I do have boobs! They are not the permanent ones, but at least I don’t look like a boy!  I am not terribly sore, but get tired very easily. Yesterday my surgeon called to give me my pathology report. My tumor in the breast was small, but it did spread to one of the lymph nodes. I am Stage 2, so I will be having chemo for sure, and probably radiation too, but I won’t know the details for a few weeks. 
I am extremely upset about having to go through chemo. I dread the hell out of it, but what do you do? I am investigating something that might help keep my hair, so think positive about that for me! This will be a long road, but I have no choice in the matter. I am so lucky that I have such a supportive family and great friends to help me get through this. I can’t imagine being alone and having to deal with a situation like this. God is Good! 
On the fashion side, I am not quite sure what to wear when looking like a “suicide bomber.” Can you get over what I have attached to my waist?! Four drains (hoping two come out today), and I can’t lift my arms to get a shirt over them. Also, it’s kind of hard hiding the granades! It’s leggings and button down or zip up shirts for a while. (Sorry if this picture makes you squirm!!!)
 Hoping your holiday weekend was great, and the weather cooperated wherever you were. Talk soon!!!