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Good Morning Everyone! I have another Woman Crush Wednesday for you. Meet, Jessica Jannenga, of Elegantly Dressed & Stylish. When I first discovered Jessica’s blog, I had to do a double take, because I thought she was (another Jessica) Jessica Chastain! The red hair and bone structure is uncanny, don’t you think? She told me that her husband and mom think the same thing! After I realized she wasn’t the actress, I started going through her blog, and loved how much fun Jessica seems to have with fashion! She has a vintage, lady like look, but adds such flare to it! I don’t know many women who wear colored and patterned tights, but she does it in a kick-ass way, that makes me want to try it!

I asked Jessica a few questions, so we could get to know her…here you go!

1. How has your style changed after turning 40(if at all)? I always enjoyed wearing dresses and skirts, I would say I do look for more vintage and vintage inspired pieces now than in my 20s. I would say I was a bit more casual then, but feel better when I look more put together these days. 

2. Describe your fashion style- Since being interviewed several times, it seems I can describe it as Feminine/Romanitc/Vintage-Influenced

3. What 5 things do you feel, every woman should have in her closet?
1. A white button down will always be classic and can be worn on its own, with boyfriend jeans, dressed up with a blazer/skirt, under a vest. The point is, it is very versatile. 
2. A pair of red shoes. I have a pair of textured red pointed flats with bow, and the red just makes such a statement. 
3. A pair of black pumps. Square heels or block pumps are very on trend right now. I love a mid or kitten heel.
4. Jeans: There are so many jean styles out there, one has to find the pair that fits their shape best. It has to suit ones self, not just because it is on trend. Dark denim styles can easily be dressed up and look great often on many women. Boyfriend jeans are fun to wear if you want to be a bit more casual. 
5. A Blazer: I love blazers, they can really amp up an outfit, and depending on the season, one can have a really put together look.
4. Purse or Shoes? Hmmm. I love both, I do have a purse collection, love Rebecca Minkoff, Kate Spade.
5. Heels or Flats? I like a kitten heel, but am going to have to go with flats. I have a medical condition where I can’t wear heels. I often live vicariously at other women’s shoes as I would love to wear a heel, but just can’t. I love flats with embellishments, floral, and bows. Also, I am 5 foot 9, so I am ok, with flats 🙂 
6. Celebrity you admire for their style? I love Cate Blanchette. She always looks amazing, classic, and I loved her feminine and beautiful Oscar dress this year. 
7. What is your favorite beauty product? I absoultly found the “pot of gold” with YSL Eclat Primer. It goes on smoothly, and produces such a wonderful even palette in which to apply my makeup.This is a must have for me!!
 Thank you Jessica for letting us get to know about you!!!
I hope you all enjoyed this feature! Please check out Jessica’s blog HERE .
Have a great day!
All photos via Elegantly Dressed & Stylish