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I have to admit that I am a lot like Jackie Collins, who said…”My weakness is wearing too much leopard print”. I love an animal print, especially a cheetah/leopard print. I am a sucker for it, and have bought shirts, coats, jeans, dresses, shoes, pajamas, and underwear (sorry, I hate the word panties!!!) in the print! I have always had to have a bit of it in my home too, as in a pillow or a bench covered in it. There are two reasons I think I like it so much. One- is that I am a Leo, and I must be drawn to cat like prints (and my nickname is Kitty). The other, is that I really do think it is a neutral! You might be thinking, WTH???, but think about it…you can put an animal print with just about anything. How about this and this… looks pretty darn good, don’t you think?

I am not saying to wear head to toe animal prints, but pick one piece, be it a top, pant, shoe or bag, and wear it with any solid color, or if you are brave, try it with a print. I am sticking to my cat like spots, that it IS in fact a neutral! MEOW!!!

Top// ELIZABETH AND JAMES (sold out, but similar HERE), Leather leggings// J BRAND, Jacket// old Theory, but newer version HERE, Shoes// STUART WEITZMAN, Bag// PRADA,  Earrings// ACCESSORY CONCIERGE (on sale), Sunglasses// DIOR, Car// my neighbor’s- SWOON!!!