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Good Morning dear readers! I hope you had a great weekend! I really and truly have been so mixed up on the days! I have been in Texas for three weeks now, and have not sat down much the entire time I’ve been here. I went to Austin this past Tuesday with my youngest son. He was packing up his place there to move back to Dallas. I stayed with my daughter who lives there, to help her unpack her room at her new place. She has been traveling for work the entire month, and hasn’t had the time, so I thought I could help. We got it accomplished, and came back to Dallas on Thursday. She had three events she was in charge of  here. How we got back to Dallas is the coolest way ever! We took a bus company called Vonlane. My daughter has been taking it a lot, but I had never done it, so she booked our trip to Dallas.

Vonlane is essentially a private jet on wheels! There is a bus attendant that acts exactly like a flight attendant. She passes out snacks (not like airlines, really good ones!), offers noise cancelling headphones, a blanket, serves you whatever you would like to drink, lunch, and chocolates right before you get to the destination. Every seat is oversized and has an outlet for your computer. There are several tv’s and a conference area in the back of the bus. Plus…a very nice spacious bathroom! The drive is about three hours from Austin, and it was so much nicer than going to the airport, getting through security and waiting…and we had wifi the whole time! If you live in Dallas, Austin, or Houston, this is definitely the way to go to get back and forth to those cities. I wish this went everywhere, because I could spend hours on this bus!!!

The weekend was a whirlwind too, but I did get to go to bed early both nights… Yay Me!!! Last night I got to babysit my grand babies, which was so much fun. I miss getting to play, give them baths, and put them to bed. The oldest one, Wiley, told me he loved me at least eight times, and told me to please stay the week! Melts my heart! I am leaving to go back to Nashville on Wednesday, and would be so sad to leave except my son, daughter in law, and babies are going with me!

I wanted to talk about maxi dresses for the summer. I think maxi’s are a pretty effortless way to dress and stay cool during these months. They are great for running around! I don’t get in the sun much anymore, and have super pale skin, so maxi’s are a great way to cover my white pasty legs (if I have not self tanned) and stay cool. The only thing I would say about wearing maxi dresses at my age, is that I think they should be a classic style. I don’t mind a halter or tank style, but I think the days of a deep V with a little boob showing is over (for me!). How do you all feel about maxi’s?


Thanks so much for reading, and have a great Monday! xx

Photos: Mary Summers Hafner

Dress (West Kei, not available, but maxi’s below)// Necklace-La Vie Est Belle// Bracelets BudHaGirl (these are waterproof, have a prayer on them, and come in gold too)// Sunglasses-Rayban//Bag– Clare V// Sandals-Joie