woman wearing white blouse and denim woman wearing white blouse, denim jeans, brown belt


Happy Friday, everyone! The weeks just keep getting stranger and stranger. Does anyone else feel like they are living in the Twilight Zone? I feel like I am watching a bad movie! That’s why fluffy stuff is good right now! What do I mean by that? Looking at fashion blogs, reading a romantic novel, watching a funny movie, window shopping, or taking a walk. I have to admit that I read way too much and I need to take my own advice!

So, let’s talk about fashion! I am a sucker for a white blouse, and I love this one from the French brand ba&sh. I have shown pieces from them several times in the past. They make the prettiest dresses, but I picked out this gorgeous blouse for this look. The blouse has a distinctive collar and ruffled button placket with an asymmetrical effect. It has the prettiest cross-shaped rhinestone button on the front and cuffs. The fabric is 60% Tencel, 40% viscose (I’m wearing a size xs). To me, there is nothing more classic than a white blouse, and this one has tons of personality!

Styling My White Blouse

I paired it with an older pair of jeans that I have held on to and am so glad I did because a wider leg jean is undeniably the look right now. I had a conversation with my girlfriends the other night about jeans. Also, I know that everyone is saying that skinny jeans are passé. We all agreed that you need and should have both. Do not get rid of your skinnies. You will need them in a few months when you want to wear a knee boot. Can you imagine tucking in the jeans I’m wearing into a knee boot? I have both styles and will continue to wear them. So, take that whoever the jean police are!

How fun are these suede cowboy-style booties from ba&sh? I am so ready to wear boots. I’m seeing a lot of western influence in shirts and jackets. I just ordered this one and can’t wait to get it! I love this one too! Also wearing my new belt (that you will eventually get sick of seeing!). I don’t care what anyone says; leopard print is never going out of style!






woman walking woman wearing jeans. blouse, and sunglasses woman wearing jeans. blouse, and sunglasses and fingers on her pocket woman walking and looking at the camera leather boots woman posing with hands on her pockets closer look of a white blouse

Weekend Plans

I have a lot going on this weekend. I am helping out with the baby while mom and dad get some work done. We have a little bon voyage dinner tomorrow night for my son and daughter-in-law. They are leaving soon to take off on a month-long trip. They bought a sprinter van and did a lot of work inside, making it look super cozy. Also, they will be driving to the northwest and staying in this van (my worst nightmare!). They will stay in a few Airbnb’s along the way to do laundry and take good showers. They planned to do this last year, but Covid. My son works for the greatest guys, and they are giving him the time off to do this.

I’m also going to be packing because we are taking off next week for the mountains. With that said, I wanted to tell you all that I will be taking off from this blog for the week. I desperately need some time off. I never take the time but have decided that I need it to reflect and do some soul searching. So, I will be back the week after. I do have a few questions that I would love answers to. Do you all use Instagram much? Do you like the “reels” (little videos to music) that people post? If so, why do you like it? If a few of you could give me some insight, I would greatly appreciate it!

Have a great weekend! Please stay safe and well, my friends! xx

Photos: Beckley & Co

Blouse // Jeans // Boots // Belt // Bag (similar color)