two women wearing cardigans from the Nordstrom saletwo women facing the camera and wearing cardigans from the Nordstrom sale


Happy Hump Day, everyone! How are you all doing? I have been doing tons of errands for my daughter. She had an allergic reaction to something with the c-section she had and has been miserable. I am so glad that she lives here so that we can all pitch in and help. I am happy to run by there multiple times a day to make deliveries to peek at the baby girl! The baby looks just like she did when she was a baby! Anyway, if you have had a child have a baby during the last year, it is a real challenge. I worried enough as it was when I had my babies, but to have a baby during a pandemic is wild. I can’t believe this whole thing is still going on and ramping up again. All I know is that this is out of my control and all I can do is pray.

Shopping (and lots of other things, but I am a fashion blogger!) and being with friends always gets my mind off of whatever is bothering me (if only for a little while). The Nordstrom Sale opened up to everyone today, and my sidekick shpping buddy, Heather and I have shopped it several times and bought the same cardigan (and a few other things) and wanted to style it because we love cardigans in the fall. This cardigan we are wearing is just under $50 and comes in black and cream as well. It’s a little different than other long cardigans with a fun statement sleeve. It is fully stocked in all sizes as of early this morning. A cardigan is the easiest way to stay warm and look chic in the cooler temperatures or inside with the air conditioning blasting.

Styling My Cardigan

I paired mine with a graphic tee (unfortunately sold out but lots more here and here), but I would wear it with a tank or camisole too. I have been wearing these jeans nonstop since I purchased them a few weeks back at the beginning of the sale. Sizes are going fast, so if you like them, add them to cart now! I saw these Veronica Beard sock-type boots the first day of the sale and almost let them go because I wasn’t sure. I am so glad I got them now because they are super comfortable, and I am always looking for the right boot to wear under a skinnier jean. They are perfect and part of the sale!




tow women wearing cardigan, shirt, and jeans two women wearing sunglasses and wearing cardigans from the Nordstrom saletwo women walking the streetstwo fashionable women walking the streetstwo fashionable women

I wanted to show you my top ten cardigans picks (that are fully stocked) from the Nordstrom sale. Most of these I have seen in person. I will be honest with you about a cardigan that I would not purchase as much as I love Veronica Beard. This cardigan looked really cheap to me. I bought a blazer that is already sold out from VB and would purchase almost anything from the brand, but the cardigan was very disappointing.

So, I hope you all have a great day! I am laying low this morning and picking up the pace later today. Stay safe and be well! xx


Cardigan // Tee (similar) // Jeans (same different wash) // Boots // Sunglasses // Bag (similar)

Photos: Beckley & Co


We both bought this blue cardigan  (and the green leather jacket) and wearing the same jeans as above!

two women taking a selfie and wearing cardigans from the Nordstrom sale