Good Morning, everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I don’t know where you are, but the rain is everywhere I have been. It was raining in New York while we were there, came home to a rainy Dallas, and now I am in Austin, where it is raining too! Man, do I ever have a story. First, I am going to talk about fashion, then will talk about the sh*t that is going on. How do you all feel about the western trend? I love it, but in small amounts. I saw this adorable green western inspired sweater from Ted Baker, and it was just the right amount for me.

It’s no secret that green is one of my favorite colors to wear. When I saw this sweater, it was the color I noticed (comes in black too) first then the fun western style yoke and fringe. I will wear this sweater with blue, black, and my new gray pair of jeans, but I think it would look so cute with a floral skirt. I think a cowboy style bootie would look super cute with this, but I honestly haven’t found the exact pair I want, so I am SOL in that department right now. I will link a few below that I am considering. Poor Heather shopping with me in New York! I am so wishy-washy about shoes and can’t make a decision. I must have tried on twenty pairs of booties.

Okay, are y’all ready for the sh*t that is happening? First of all, my bag didn’t make it home Saturday night from New York. They pulled it for weight restrictions because of the weather. I had to be on the road yesterday morning to Austin without a lot of what I needed (invisilign retainer, because my teeth will shift!). Anyway, after my daughter had her surgery for endometriosis a few weeks ago, she started noticing mold on the walls in her apartment, then on some of her clothes. Last week we had a mold remediation specialist go in while she was in London. The report is awful! We had to go into the apartment yesterday with masks and gloves to grab a few things. We had to wipe down everything that came out with a mold cleaner. The clothes we grabbed have to be sent to a “mold specialty” cleaners.  Thankfully she is getting out of the lease and found another place to live, but this is going to take weeks to have her life belongings cleaned (if they can be). We heard that leather probably couldn’t be cleaned (think leather chairs, and all leather jackets, shoes, and bags). It’s like going through a fire.

Why is it that when it rains it fricking pours sometimes? I know that we are still very blessed (it’s just stuff) but it’s just the nuisance of having to deal with this and all of our schedules are crazy right now. My heart hurts so badly for her. I will be in Austin until Thursday, then head out to Los Angeles on Friday. This is the last trip I will be going on for a while, and I am ecstatic about that! If any of you have ever dealt with a mold situation, I would love any tips or information you could give me.



We are off to go deal with a “moldy” situation! I hope your day is spore free! Thank you so much for reading and listening to my rant!

Sweater // Jeans // Boots // Bag (similar)

Photos: Mary Summers Hafner