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Hi everyone! Today is a post about BFF’S and gifts under $50. I have been blessed to have many friends that I could refer to as Best Friends. Honestly, I feel like all of my good friends are Best Friends! From the ones I have known for thirty plus years, to the ones I have only known for a few years. Blogging has opened a door for me to meet women that I would have never met. Take the two above (you know them from our Chic at Every Age post), Samantha-Style of Sam and Heather-So Heather. I probably would have never met them had it not been for a fashion event we were invited to. The three of us hit it off immediately and the rest is history! I honestly love these girls so much, and we have gotten very close! I am so blessed by them and all of my friends!

We got together at Heather’s beautifully decorated home last week to exchange gifts and have a little champagne ( I love her white tree!). We made a deal with one another to stay under $50 and to give our readers some ideas for gifts under that price. Heather gave us these pretty scarves, Sam treated us to this great fashion book by The Coveteur (that was signed!), and I gave a mirrored tray from Wisteria (on sale and got myself one!). These are examples of nice gifts that are under the $50 price range. I have also picked others below that I think are great choices. What are you giving your BFF’s?

Photos:Beckley & Co