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I know you all noticed that when my hair started growing back, I started wearing headbands. I thought they made me look a little more feminine when the wig first came off.  Now I wear them so I don’t look like I have “old lady” hair (which I do if I don’t wear one!). I was so excited when a company called BANDED reached out to me! These headbands are beautiful, and they have a gazillion patterns to choose from.


BANDED headbands come in three styles…original, skinny and wide . They are super comfortable and, because of a velvet backing, will not slip ( key for me and my little pea head!!!). They also will adjust to any head shape and size (little girl’s can wear them too!).


What I love most about these headbands, is that BANDED headbands partnered with Amazima Ministries and are helping children in Uganda. Each of the headbands or tie packs purchased will provide three meals. Over 875,000 meals have been provided!!! So, if you buy one headband, you are buying three meals for a child, and looking good at the same time!!!


I am giving a headband away like the one I am wearing above thanks to BANDED (style is called Bronze Party on their website). Hit the link below to register for the drawing.

 Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Photos: Mary Summers

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