OMG!!! I have to tell you about Studmuffin Desserts in NYC. I was turned on to these by my blogger friend Elizabeth, of Bonjour and Hola (check out her great blog HERE). I wasn’t eating many sweets before being diagnosed with the “Big C”, but now I am wanting them every night after dinner. Maybe it’s just for comforts sake. Chocolate chip cookies, creme brûlée, and vanilla ice cream made from coconut milk are my favorites.

Enter Studmuffins chocolate chip cookies. Seth Raphaeli, owner and creator is a genius! He has been a baker since his football days, when he would come home from practice and whip up his own desserts. You can read his story . He has made these tiny bite size morsels of pure heaven!

The chocolate chip cookies, called Sinners and Saints, are my favorite! They are tiny, but are chock full of chocolate chips. Made from all natural ingredients, they only have 150 calories per eleven cookies.

These are called Jackie O’s and are amazing meringues! There are more flavors to choose from on the website.

Perfect little buckets for gifts!
These are Space Cakes. Flavors are Grandma’s Pancakes, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, Red Velvet, Pomegranate, and Banana Bonanza
I promise an order will get you hooked! These are great to have around for bite size desserts, gifts (Christmas is around the corner), or if you’re like me, a little taste after dinner. Order HERE
And, here is “THE” Studmuffin! If only he delivered the order!!!
All photos courtesy of Studmuffin Desserts