Le Metier- Skincare-Beauty Le Metier- Skincare-Beauty Le Metier- Skincare-Beauty Le Metier- Skincare-Beauty Le Metier- Skincare-Beauty Le Metier- Skincare-Beauty Le Metier- Skincare-Beauty Le Metier- Skincare-Beauty Le Metier- Skincare-Beauty

Le Metier- Skincare-Beauty

Le Metier- Skincare-BeautyLe Metier- Skincare-Beauty

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have had a great week! Today I want to share my experience a few weeks back with the Chic at Every Age girls and our amazing afternoon with Le Metier de Beaute at Neiman Marcus in Fort Worth. Le Metier and Neiman Marcus invited us to come to the brand new Fort Worth store (which by the way is gorgeous!) to have a facial, makeover, and some delicious bites and champagne. How could we say no!

As soon as we got there, I was whisked into a room for a relaxing facial. This was right before my daughter’s wedding and couldn’t have come at a better time. I was wrapped in a cozy blanket and given such a wonderful facial and neck and head massage. I have pretty good skin, thanks to mom and dad, and have kept sunscreen on my face for years, but I still want to do everything I can to maintain it. The aesthetician explained to me that aging happens as a result of the breakdown of the skin’s moisture barrier and a loss of collagen and elastin. Of course, there are other reasons, like environmental aggressors and just plain old aging. As early as the late twenties is when we begin to show the signs of aging, and sun exposure doesn’t help the situation.

Le Metier has developed a patented technology called TPM that is comprised of vitamin E phosphates in a multi-layered structure that is clinically proven to have four times the absorption of key ingredients. With this patented TPM technology you can experience visible results in the first seven days of using their skin care regimens.

All of the skincare products are nice, but my two favorites are the Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Night Cream and the Neck and Decollete Firming Cream. The night cream is designed to restore skin while the body is most receptive, and that is during rest. The results from this cream are an improved appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pore size, with an increase in hydration and a more even tone.

Did you know that you are not supposed to use an everyday moisturizer on your neck area? This was new information to me. The reason is that skin tissue is thinner, and there are no hair follicles or oil glands to naturally drain away the heavier oils contained in everyday moisturizers. The oils weigh down the neck tissue to cause red bands around the neck. Also, the neck tissue is connected to the breast tissue and there is a constant “pulling down” effect by gravity. I will have to say, that this neck cream is making a big difference with me! This is Neiman’s best-selling neck cream for a reason!

After the facials, we were led to the makeup chairs to experience the new colors from the line. I was so happy to get some color on my face (especially with pictures being taken). Sometimes I think I could scare kids because I am so pale and have beady little eyes…BOO! I just feel better with color! The newest colors are beautiful, and this blush combo and this eye palette are winners in my book! Also, the eyeliner is magic! I have been using this liner for a long time. The liner was developed after studying the Mont Blanc writing pens. The liner has a unique soft quill-tipped applicator that looks like a fine point pen. It is long wearing and smudge proof.

After our makeup application, we were taken into a private room for the most delicious light bites and champagne.  There we got to meet Ivan Castro who is the Global Director of Color and Training for the brand. He showed us how he applies makeup and it was fascinating to watch. Oh, how I wish he could live with me!!! The afternoon was so much fun being pampered and spending it with my favorite girls, The Fashion Hour, Style of Sam, and So Heather. I am ready to do it again anytime!

Hoping you all have a fantastic weekend! xx

Thank you to Le Metier for the products!