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Hello, ladies! I hope all is going well with you! I was sick the entire week with a stomach virus. My doctor was baffled because she had never heard of one lasting as long. She wanted me to go to the ER on Thursday to get fluids, but I called a mobile service called Drip Hydration, and they sent the cutest nurse to my house, and she hooked me up. A huge bonus was sitting on my couch with dogs in my lap. I highly recommend them for any kind of IV you need.

Because I am so behind and could not shoot photos this week, I thought I would list my tried and true beauty products. These ten are what I would need if I were stranded on a desert island. I do have more products that I love, but these are the essentials that I have been using for a long time. I linked the items to one of my favorite boutique stores, Violet Grey, which I have to visit each time I am in Los Angeles. I order from them too much!


  1. AVÉNE EAU THERMALE – This is a thermal spring water spray. It is proven to soothe inflammation, itching, redness, and general sensitivity. I use this as a toner.
  2. CHANTECAILLE FAUX CILS LONGEST LASH MASCARA – I am obsessed with this mascara and have been using it for years! It is infused with a lash peptide technology, and conditioning rose oil to enhance the appearance of natural lash length, thickness, and fullness. My lashes stay healthy looking, and I am afraid to quit using it!!!
  3. WESTMAN ATELIER VITAL SKINCARE COMPLEXION DROPS – This is a featherweight liquid that gives your skin a beautiful, radiant look. These drops retexturize, brighten, reduce redness, nourish, and infuse the skin with moisture.
  4. SHU UEMURA ART OF HAIR URBAN MOISTURE SHAMPOO – I love many of Shu Uemura’s hair products, but this is my favorite one. This shampoo is ultra-hydrating but cleans and removes pollutants to protect against future dryness. It smells amazing!
  5. SISLEY A L’INTEGRAL ANTI-AGE EYE & LIP CONTOUR – I love this rich anti-aging cream that smooths the delicate contours of the eye and lip.
  6. U BEAUTY, THE MULTIMODAL DEFENDER SPF 30 – This product is actually sold out at Violet Grey ( so I linked it to Nordstrom), but I know why. It is a fantastic product that combats past and future photodamage while brightening, cooling, and protecting the skin. It provides protection against UVA, UVB, IR, and blue light exposure. I use this under my Westman Atelier complexion drops. It also gives you a dewy look. I wouldn’t be caught without it!
  7. U BEAUTY, THE SUPER BODY HYDRATOR – I have no idea what they put in this (well, actually, five unique forms of hyaluronic acid), but let me tell you, this product has made my skin the softest ever! I have had people touch my arms and commit to how soft they are. This is a game-changer lotion for me!
  8. SUANNE KAUFMANN DEEP CLEANSING OIL – This luxuriant cleansing oil easily removes my make-up and debris, leaving my skin moisturized with sunflower, rapeseed, apricot kernel oils, and vitamin E.
  9. BIODERMA SENSIBIO H2O – This is a  gentle cleansing and makeup-removing water for sensitive skinI use it specifically to remove my eye makeup. I linked it to Violet Grey, but you can find this in most drug stores, too.
  10. AUGUSTINUS BADER THE RICH CREAM – This is the Holy Grail of the tried and true! I’ve been using this moisturizer for about four years now, and I panic when I reach the bottom. When I recently had to give up my products due to severe eczema, my skin took a turn and looked extremely dry and lifeless. I couldn’t wait to start using this product again when I got the green light from my dermatologist. If my skin gets a little irritated, I use the ULTIMATE SOOTHING CREAM instead.



The above are seriously my favorite products, but let’s face it, it’s hard to pick just ten! A few more that I love or want to try.

  1. U BEAUTY THE SUPER TINTED HYDRATOR – I haven’t met a U Beauty product that I didn’t like, so I am anxious to get my hands on this.
  2. THE RIGHT FOOT – This German-made exfoliating foot file is designed to last you forever. It can be used when skin is soft (after a shower) or dry. My heels need this so badly!
  3. SKIN AT WORK : THE TIMEKEEPER AND THE PROTAGONIST™- I was sent these two products (one is night cream, and the other is day cream). I started playing with them and decided that these two jars would be my skincare on my recent trip. The cool thing about these two is that they are all-in-one-step creams (meaning for Face, Neck, and Eyes). Those two jars were my everything (minus sunscreen) traveling, and I have to say that I do like them. I think I like the night cream more, but only because I prefer a richer cream. Read up on them! 
  4. AMAN NOURISHING SACRED HEART BALM – I have never stayed at an AMAN resort, but it is on my bucket list, even if it is for one night!  I am thinking of ordering this balm so that I can experience one of their products because I’ve heard they are beautiful!
  5. HUMIDIFIER STARTER SET – With cooler weather approaching, I think we should be sleeping with a humidifier. This one, however a no-mist. This humidifier is a nightstand-friendly device that helps with skin while alleviating cold, flu, and allergy symptoms. It also reduces the spread of viruses indoors! I’m ordering!
  6.  PORTABLE FIREPLACE CANDLE – This just sounds cozy!
  7. HOMECOURT “CECE” KITCHEN TRIO – Have you heard of Homecourt yet? The brand was created by Courtney Cox, who said she could never find products that smelled or looked as good as they worked. She wanted to elevate homecare, and I am obsessed with the “CECE” scent. The packaging is so nice that you could give it as a gift!
  8. R + CO BLEU SMOOTH AND SEAL HAIR MIST – I was given a small size of this spray, and WOW is all I can say! This made my hair look less frizzy and smooth. I’m getting the regular size of this amazing mist!
  9. LA BOUCHE ROUGE HIGHLIGHTER BRUSH – I’m not great at the highlighting thing, but I think the correct brush helps. I want to try this one.
  10. LYMA LASER – Okay, this is a dream item, but maybe Santa would bring it to me. This is a clinical-grade laser for at-home use that visibly reduces the signs of aging for all skin tones without causing irritation. It was created in partnership with a craniofacial surgeon and is the first laser with clinical- strength to be FDA-approved for at-home use. Every time I visit Violet Grey, all of the girls rave about it!


I finally left the house last night for dinner. It was so good to be among the living again! What are your plans for the weekend? We are headed to my older son’s to watch football. I am taking my granddaughter and her friend shopping for skincare! How appropriate that they asked me to do that with them?

Have a great weekend! Stay well and Be safe! xx