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Hi Everyone! It’s my favorite time again…Chic At Any Age! If you are new to The Middle Page, this is a series that I do every month with my fabulous blogger friends from Dallas/Fort Worth. We are 20-50 years in age (our twenty year old is missing), take a piece of clothing, and style it our own way. I love this, because I have become really close to these girls, and it’s time that we get to spend together. Blogging has been so fun and rewarding for me, but it can be a lonely gig. I look so forward to my time with these girls!

Today we are talking about lace. Lace has been a huge trend for a while now, and I am loving it! You might remember I posted about it a few weeks back here. We all gravitated toward this top and wanted to work around it. We don’t ever discuss what we are going to wear with the piece we choose, so it’s fun to see what we show up in.

Sam- Style of Sam, our 30 something, came looking very “boho chic” in her flares, scarf, and hat. She looks adorable!

Heather- Style By Fluent, 40 something, went with a hat too, skinny frayed jeans, and a metallic pump. This is a very sophisticated boho look, that fits her to a tee!

Then, there is this old girl with my frayed jeans, and booties (no hat, but gosh do I wish I had had one! The wind was ridiculous that day!!!). The top is by BCBG and comes with a nude cami (I got the xs). It’s super comfortable and I think it would pair nicely with white jeans as well. I had a reader tell me that she wished that more bloggers would show inexpensive alternatives for jeans…well, here you go! The jeans I am wearing look similar to Heather’s right? Guess where I got them? “TARJAY”!!! I promise, they are from Target! The sizing was a little on the tricky side. I am a 24 in most jeans, and felt that these ran a little big. They came in sizes 00-18. I got the 00 (wanted to give you a reference), and they worked. The ones that I am wearing are not available on line, but these are a very close second and actually the rise is better (have a mild plumbers butt when I squat down in the ones I am wearing, because they are low rise!). It was fun to hunt down a pair that were inexpensive. If you all ever want to give me a challenge, I am usually up for it! I am obsessed with these booties I am wearing! I have worn them with so many things, and love the color! Let me know what you think!

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

P.S. Update on my Dad…everything has been pushed back to April. Thank you for your sweet messages!

Photos: Mary Summers Hafner

Top// Jeans (similar)// Bag// Booties// Sunglasses