Long Cardigan- Chic at Every Age- Hotel ZaZa Happy Friday everyone! The Chic at Every Age girls had an enjoyable day a few weeks ago. We got to have a spa day together! We all arrived at Hotel ZaZa in Dallas and were taken up to the ZaSpa. This is one of the coolest hotels I’ve ever been in. The hotel is very “theatrical” with some of the most surprising art work throughout the hotel. We changed into our robes and were treated to champagne and fruit plates in the “chill room.” It was so much fun to catch up in a relaxing space, then one by one, we were taken in for our treatments. I had a very relaxing massage. It was the perfect pressure, and I got to let go and relax! My masseuse was so kind and very professional. After the massage we all met back up in the “chill room”  for a little more down time with these girls.

The Fashion Hour

Style of Sam

So Heather

After we all had finished our treatments, we dressed and went down to Hotel ZaZa’s restaurant, The Dragonfly. You can’t tell by looking at her, but Heather is our ordering girl. She ordered several different appetizers for us to try, then we all ordered a salad. Heather cannot go out to eat without dessert either. Several desserts were brought to the table as well. I love getting together with these girls to catch up. I always learn something from our time together. Mixing ages is such fun! If you live in Dallas and haven’t “spa’d” at Hotel ZaZa, I highly recommend it. If you are planning a trip to Dallas, you should try this hotel. Each room embodies themes from faraway lands and lifestyles. The pool is a very fun hang out space too!

We decided while we were together, we should shoot one of our looks. We all bought this cozy cardigan (the one we are wearing is sold out, but the one I am linking looks the same and comes in seven colors ) and cute silky camisole. The cardigan is the perfect weight for cooler mornings, cold air conditioned rooms, and airplanes. It was scorching the day we shot these, but I wasn’t dying in this outside. This cardigan is on sale, so it’s a very good time to buy it if you need one!

I spent the day in Cashiers yesterday, antiquing. I bought a brass replica of a French bird that represents the “fragility of life.” I thought that was so sweet! I was going to go back to town today, but my sinus infection has taken a turn for the worse, and I am in bed all day today. Is anyone else sick?  This is the second time this summer that I have had this crud. What is up with that? I am never sick in the summer! Maybe I’ve been on too many airplanes of late. A friend told me to get some goldenseal drops, cut it with a carrier oil, and put in in my nose when I fly. Hmmm…anyone try that? I am flying the next two weeks again. Maybe I should just stick a scarf over my face! I hope you all have a great weekend! Stay safe and healthy!!!xx

Thank you to Hotel ZaZa for such a fun day!

Photos: Beckley & Co

Cardigan // Camisole (similar) // AG Jeans // Gucci Mules // Dior Sunglasses