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Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Mom’s out there (a few days early)! I know some of you reading this know me, but many of you don’t, so I wanted to introduce you to my favorite things in life. These crazy people in the photos are my world, and why I love Mother’s Day!!! In the photos, starting on the left, is my oldest son, Alston. He will be 30 this month, (I can’t believe I am that old!!!) He is a joy to be around and is one of the funniest people I know! I am blown away by what a great daddy he is. Next is Charlie… the baby (24). He is the sweetest and most loving child ever!!! Sitting next to me is Jenica. When the daughter in law God’s were picking for us, they blessed us with her! She is a hoot and has been part of “us” from the day we met her (Happy Mother’s Day to you, Jenica!!!) Then there is Alex (27). She is my rock, but the one that is given me all of my gray hair! She is smart and funny, and as with most mother/daughter’s, the one I talk to on a daily basis. (she moved home to be with me while I was going through my cancer ordeal). And, in one of the photos, is Buster, my husband. Without this amazing guy, I would not have these beautiful children!!!

The little peeps are my grandchildren (who belong to Alston and Jenica). They are the most amazing things on the planet! Wiley is 2, and Evie is almost 8 months. They are the most perfect, beautiful, smart, and did I say perfect, things ever in the world! They make my heart melt!!! The day we took these photos, Wiley was not feeling great and was not in the best mood, but the photos capture a 2 year old perfectly. So now you know what makes me happiest in life…these precious, fun, and amazing people! Unfortunately, I won’t be with a single one of them for Mother’s Day this year, but I will see them soon!

Wishing all of you Mom’s a great day on Sunday, and every day! xoxo

Photo cred: the amazing Mary Summers