two women wearing Olive green tops two women wearing Olive green tops and jeans


Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you’ve had a great week! How are you all doing…I mean, really doing? I think I am, for the most part, an upbeat person, but I have to be honest, I have been a little down lately and wonder if you all have too? Also, I heard someone recently say that we were all chosen to live at this point in history. God put us here for a reason and purpose, but It sure feels “sucky” right now! I keep thinking about my grandchildren and what I could do to make this a better place for them. At the moment, I am having a hard time with that question. I bet my grandparent’s felt the same way about me. It’s a very different time now, however. I will keep the prayers going!

Styling Our Top

Today, my best gal-pal, So Heather, and I are showing 2 ways to style one of Fall’s hottest colors, olive green. We love shopping together to find the latest trends. We are big fans of any shade of green and love olive in the fall plus, it’s a huge trend. Olive green is a very neutral color and goes with so much, plus it looks good on everyone. I chose this vegan leather top, and Heather got the vegan leather jacket to show. These vegan leather pieces are so soft! My top is labeled as a “cropped top, but you can see it is long enough to wear tucked in. This top can also be worn unbuttoned as a jacket.

I am wearing my top with…yes, white jeans! I love to break the rules (haha)! Yes, wear your white jeans after Labor Day! I think the olive and white look super crisp! I wore black accessories to create a more fall look (linked below). Heather chose to wear her olive jacket with black and white (we did it again and didn’t even plan what we were wearing!). A budget-friendly olive jacket here.






two women standing side by side woman wearing olive green top and white pants stylish woman walking

two women walking woman standing and and fingers on her pocket and wearing Olive green top and white jeans woman with her dog

I love Heather’s dog, but white jeans!

I am off to shoot with the girls this morning. We are finally Covid free at our house and just in time for the weekend! I hope you all have a great one!

Stay safe and be well!

TOP  (budget friendly version) // JEANS (similar) // SHOES (old, similar) // BAG (similar) // BELT (similar) // Sunglasses

Photos: Beckley & Co