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I hope you all had a great Mother’s Day weekend! Mine was really good, filled with a lot of family visits and some time in an attic (will explain). I can’t believe my first week in Dallas has flown by! I had so much going on last week, that unfortunately ended with a funeral on Friday for one of  my sweet uncles. I got to see many family members that I hadn’t seen in forever. Do you all feel like the only time you see extended family is at weddings and funerals? My younger son and I talked about that, and it really made me feel bad. I love all of my family members, and it’s just really sad that I don’t see them very much. I am really going to try and remedy that!

My weekend days were spent in closets and an attic at my parents house. Oh Lordy!!! I have never seen so many photographs and wrapping supplies! I feel like I’ve been a drill sergeant with my parents, but I know that all of this crap will not be able to go with them to the next place (thank you Marie Kondo!). I have been honest in telling them that I don’t really want the stuff either. I have plenty of photos of my own of the same people and places. I know it is hard getting rid of things, and I am trying to be understanding, but most of the stuff is just stuff! So…this week, we will be hitting it again! I had a great Saturday night out with a friends and their boys (with their girlfriends). I was basically a tag a long (I am here without the husband), but it was so much fun to be included. Last night was spent with my older son, his wife, the grand babies, my younger son, my parent’s and my daughter in law’s sister, her fiancé , and new baby. We had such a good time with a lot of laughing. Those little kids are hysterical. It would have been a perfect night if my husband and daughter had been there! I hope your Mother’s Day was great!

I absolutely love this pencil dress. I hope you can tell how pretty it is. It’s so feminine with the lace and appliqued flowers, bow detail at the waist, and hook and eye closure. It fits like a glove! This dress would be perfect for a cocktail party, wedding, or a fancier dinner. I thought it was going to be an expensive dress when I picked it up to try on, but was shocked at the price. This dress is from Anthropologie and is only $258. I promise it looks way more expensive! I bought the size down, so consider that when trying on.

I am off to find a few things for a “Chic at Every Age” photo shoot we are doing this week, then back to the attic! Hope you all have a fantastic day! Thank you for reading this blog!!! xx

Photos: Mary Summers Hafner

Dress// Shoes (similar less expensive)// Bag (similar)// Sunglasses