Break Out The Sweaters




Note: My apologies for sending out an email earlier without any content. I am having technical issues (my laptop is somewhere in Apple land and I am using a different computer) and am sorry for filling your inbox with nothing.

Happy Weekend, everyone! I hope you had a great week! I don’t know about you, but I was so ready for the weekend. I’ve told you about my daughter being in Europe during this entire pandemic. She is still there (in London) and tested positive on Tuesday for Covid. She is very sick and has every single symptom. I know that she is in her 30’s, but I am her mama and still worry. She said that she wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Covid is really bad in Europe right now and is ramping up here again. I have been letting my guard down a little in the last month, but I am getting ready to start staying in a little more. I don’t think the world needs to shut down, but just a word of caution for everyone to be careful.

It finally felt chilly enough this weekend to break out the sweaters.

I am so ready for it! I have had sweaters on the brain and wanted to show you all some of my favorites. And I tried to keep them under $200. I cannot wear wool because I itch severely, so most of my sweaters are cotton or cashmere. Cashmere can be so expensive, and it pills so quickly. I try to get my cashmere on sale or at J. Crew. I have been buying cashmere sweaters from them for years and have always had great luck. The good news is that they are reasonable. I have two in my cart right now (this cable and this polo style. Last year, I found reasonably priced cashmere sweaters at Bloomingdales as well. I love this balloon sleeve sweater and this simple cardigan. There are a lot of cashmere sweaters to choose from here.

I hope to get out and enjoy this beautiful day. I am helping my mom move the last (still) things from our house to her condo this weekend and have a lot of blog work to do. And I am trying to get ahead because we may have visitors this coming week. Everything revolves around this stupid virus! Anyway, I hope you all have a glorious weekend! Please stay safe and be well! xx