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Hey Everyone! I kind of slacked off last week on my blog post, but I was traveling, and it’s really hard for me to get it together when I am on the road. As most of you read in my last blog post, I was in Dallas at the beginning of the week. I flew back to Nashville on Thursday, re-packed, to catch an early flight to New Orleans on Friday morning. We were traveling to New Orleans to meet our three children, daughter in law, my husband’s sister and his parents, for my father in law’s eightieth birthday. We were all going to surprise him with a “wild” weekend (wild in that we had two nights of big dinners planned!) in the “Big Easy”. My in-laws were driving from Alabama, all of our kids were flying in from Texas, and my sister-in-law was coming from Arizona.

Friday morning, as we were to catch our seven thirty flight, the big snow storm hit Nashville (which by the way, was about ten inches). We made it to the airport, boarded our flight, when the pilot came on the intercom to tell us that they had just shut down the the runways. We had to get off the plane, and wait for about an hour and a half to find out if the runways could be cleared. We were so upset that we might be the only ones not meeting the group. But good fortune was on our side, as they were able to clear one runway and we were maybe one of three planes that got to leave.

We had so much fun being with our family! We all got together before dinner, and with some champagne, surprised my father in law. It could not have gone better, because he had no idea we were all going to be there. We had  dinner at a wonderful restaurant called August, which I highly recommend, if you make a trip to NOLA! On Saturday, we spent most of the day at the World War II museum. It’s a pretty amazing museum! The whole family had been together about four years ago in Normandy, France, and got to see where a lot of the war happened. Our second night dinner was at Galatoire’s. It was absolutely freezing in NOLA and we had to walk about seven blocks to dinner. There were no cabs available because the street’s were closed for the first Marde Gras parade of the year. I was walking with my in-laws through the XXX adult parade! AWKWARD!!!!! I have never seen a Marde Gras parade, but boy this was not the one to see with your in-laws! There were floats with all kinds of  XXX paraphernalia. YIKES! Anyway, we made it to dinner, and all was well (although, I would not recommend Galatoire’s on our experience with the food that night!). It was just the best weekend being with our family! Love those times!!!

I shot these photos in Dallas last week, during the windiest day I think I have ever experienced. I bought this top from Banana Republic in December. It’s on sale now, with only smalls, mediums, and extra-larges left. I wanted to show it, before it sells out, because it’s a faux-wrap top that is super easy to wear, and I love a camo print! I really like that the back is longer and covers your fanny! It does need a camisole underneath. I mixed with black jeans, and my black pumps (that I am sure you all are sick of seeing!). I am wearing one of my favorite “newer” necklaces, by Nashville jewelry designer, Brooke Worthington. I love this small diamond Spike necklace! It is the perfect layering piece. Check out her website HERE, for other beautiful pieces.

Well, that’s it for today! Hope you all have a great day!

Photos: Mary Hafner

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