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Hi Everyone!  I’m in Dallas this week, seeing the grand kids, doing a little blog work, but I mainly came in to drive my Dad to Waxahachie, Texas for a surgical procedure he needs, that will hopefully ease the constant pain he has in his shoulder.  He gets a deep injection into the bone about every six months or so. All is well, and  hopefully he will start to feel better soon!

Isn’t Waxahachie a funny name for a town? Every time I hear or see the word, I think about the story of the big tall Texan that went to his doctor for a check up. After the doctor examined him, he walked out of the room and started laughing hysterically. His nurse asked him what was so funny? He said, “did you see the big tall Texan that went into the room”? She nodded. “Well”, he said…”he has “Shorty” tattooed on his “man part”! The nurse started cracking up, and wanted to go and see. The doctor told her to go in the room. She went in, and stayed in for a quite a while. The doctor heard lots of commotion! When she came out of the room, she was a bit disheveled! The doctor said, “Nurse, what happened in there?” “Well, she said…it might have said “Shorty” when you were in there, but when I was in there, it said, “Shorty’s Western Wear of Waxahachie Texas!” Cracks me up every time I tell that! Not to worry…it’s the only joke I’ve got!

Shopping my closet has been kind of fun! I have had the black pants above for about 15 years, no kidding! They are Theory, and a good example of how buying classic pieces really does pay off. I bought the coat on sale at the end of the year. I wanted to pair it with all black, so I grabbed my cashmere turtleneck and cheetah print bag, and voila….I like the way it looks! Are you all shopping your closets? Let me know!!!

Thank you for reading, and know how much I appreciate you all and your comments!

Photos: Kelsey Cherry

Coat (and similar HERE and HERE)// Turtleneck// Pants (similar if not the exact same) // Shoes (old, similar HERE)// Bag