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Hello, ladies! It’s been a minute since the four of us (Chic at Every Age) have been together. If you are new around here, this group collaborates to show how to style a piece, whether in your 30s, 40s, 50s, or 60s. Yes, we are all getting older! We were so happy to be back together and to collaborate with a new fashion brand that we are very much behind! Let me introduce you to La Peony!

La Peony is owned by Melony Huber- a mother, philanthropist, and entrepreneur passionate about ethical fashion and eco-conscious living. La Peony is a SLOW Fashion brand that concentrates on quality over quantity. They source the softest and most luxurious sustainable fabrics. I’ve been talking lately about how much I love soft clothing. I’m at a point where I won’t wear it if it is not soft, and believe me when I tell you, the piece above is soft!

Melony partners with a Mexico-based consultant and family member. She connected her brand with Union de Artesanos de Santo Tomás Jalieza, an Oaxacan artisan collective and fair-trade network of highly skilled Mexican textile craftswomen. The launch of her line features handwoven, naturally dyed trims that showcase traditional patterns representing Oaxaca’s history while helping to support the community of female artisans. All fabrics are ethically sourced and finished with sustainable dyes in Los Angeles.

Now that you have the background on this female-empowering brand let’s talk clothes! The girls and I needed to choose a piece to show, which was between this jumpsuit and our dress. I love the jumpsuit, but as a collective group, we thought the dress was a more versatile piece to show, and boy, is it! The “Annie Hoodie Dress” is a combination of loungewear and streetwear. The fabric is a buttery soft, sustainable stretch hemp fleece with 60% hempviscose, 35% organic cotton, and 5% spandex for a touch of give. The quality and craftsmanship (leather trim, two-way gold zipper, and oversized hood) are beautiful, and the look is whatever you want it to be. We love that this dress can be worn in many different ways. Natalie wore it over leggings for a loungewear vibe, Samantha and Heather wore it as a dress, and I wanted to show that it was a piece that could be worn as a third layer to whatever you are wearing. This dress comes in black and cream (as shown) and olive green.

I would love for you all to look at the La Peony website. I know there are very few pieces, but again, it’s slow fashion and pieces you will have for years to come. I am going to get the jumpsuit (The Caroline Jumpsuit was just voted the #1 jumpsuit for Valentine’s Day by Oprah Daily!) but can’t decide on which color. What would you choose?


As I said, I am happy to be back with these girls. It was hard during the fall and holidays for all of us to get together. Natalie and Sam have young children, and both live outside of Dallas. We will be trying to get together more often. It’s so much more fun with them!

I hope you have a great day! Be well and Stay safe! xx

Thank you, La Peony, for sponsoring this post!

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